About Us

K Media Marketing Sdn Bhd was established on April 1, 2020. The goal of this new media entity is to share resources among our various media platforms of See Hua Group (with publications namely See Hua Daily News, The Borneo Post, and Utusan Borneo) and Oriental Daily Sdn Bhd (with publications namely Oriental Daily News) in a very challenging media landscape with ever- evolving consumer behaviors.

We have pieced together our collection of East Malaysia and West Malaysia brands of daily newspapers, radio, digital, lifestyle-focused brand, business & economic weekly brand, social media and event.

Our merger increases our audience base to over 10 million, which will help us to reach many new advertisers and advertising dollars, as well as to maintain our leading position in the market.

We believe our new entity K Media Marketing will be able to offer additional resources to our existing advertisers, thus creating better return on investment for them, as well as for the new advertisers.